"What? Where? When?" 

(Russian: Что? Где? Когда?, translit. Chto? Gdye? Kogda?) is an intellectual game that has been running on the USSR TV channel since 1975.
USA TV analog is https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=million+dollar+mind+game

The game has millions of fans  and also exists in its competitive version played in clubs within world and regional tournaments as well as other types of competitions. These competitions are organized by the International Association of "Chto? Gde? Kogda?" game which is today a network of intellectual game clubs located in more than 30 countries.

Nowadays, thousands of people all over the world are engaged in his worthy and interesting leisure activity that promotes learning, group work, social development as well presents high-level intellectual challenge. The game is extremely popular among immigrants all over the world attracting people of all ages from high school students to retired professionals.

Montreal club "Chto? Gde? Kogda?" was established in June 2003. Today it is an active member of the International Association of "Chto? Gde? Kogda?" game, Canadian and North American "Chto? Gde? Kogda?" Association. Since 2004 its teams have been participating in numerous international competitions and tournaments in Canada, as well as in regional and world tournaments and various festivals.

In the club, there are currently about 50 constant members who value the opportunity to socialize and participate in stimulating intellectual activities promoting personal growth. They are people of different ages, professions, nationalities, personal backgrounds and birth countries. Meetings take place regularly on the last Sunday of every month. In addition, there are tournaments in "Jeopardy", team quizzes and other intellectual games.